We offer euro pallets that meet all technical and formal requirements dedicated for this article due to the EU directives – best quality possible. Beside thmain product we can make pallets in the sizing given by a particular request of our customer. Our products are made of the best softwood: pine, fir, spruce. Our timber is worldwide known of having a very high quality and being a sound resource. Here you got the photos of our euro pallets:

Euro Pallet Technical Information:

  • standard international shape and size;
  • made of high quality timber;
  • made of debarked wood;
  • low moisture content – dried wood;
  • ISPM 15 directive concerning the phytosanitary treatment is fully met;
  • relatively light unit weight – around 26 kg.

Order Information:

  • minimal order quantity: 900 units – one fully loaded truck;
  • production lead time: two weeks;
  • possible ways of payment: transfer in advance, T/T, L/C.